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Newco Inc StaffNewco provides NDT products and services such as consulting, design, assembly and installation services in all NDT disciplines. We have designed and installed systems for the most demanding customers in the automotive, aerospace, airline, nuclear, utility and chemical industries. We service all branches of the armed services and a variety of manufacturers. Our knowledgeable staff and "customer first" attitude have made Newco what it is today. Call us today and see what our full service NDT company can do for you!

NDT Equipment Categories

NDT Infrared (IR) Infrared Testing (IR)
Non-contact method of surface temperature inspecting or trouble shooting limitations in obtaining quantitative or qualitative results. All, Infrared Cameras, Infrared Thermometers
NDT Leak Detection (LT) Leak Detection Testing (LT)
Measures the rate at which a liquid or gas will penetrate into or out of a component or assembly. ALL, Leak Detectors, Vacuum Boxes
NDT Liquid Penetrant (PT) Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)
Testing using a liquid penetrant to seep into a crack to produce a visible indication. All, Accessories, Equipment, Materials, Services
NDT Magnetic Particle (MT) Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
Particle Testing (MT): Uses electrical current to magnetize a part so that small magnetic particles will be attracted to cracks. All, Accessories, Equipment, Materials
NDT Ultrasonic (UT) Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
Uses sound waves to penetrate the part to detect discontinuities. All, Couplant, Flaw Detectors, Phased Array, Systems, Thickness Gauges, Transducers & Cables
NDT Eddy Current (ET) Eddy Current Testing (ET)
Measures the electrical response of conductive material materials due to differences in the part’s conductivity & permeability. All
NDT Visual Inspection (VT) Visual Inspection Testing (VT)
Testing using light sources for detecting surface flaws, color variations or gaging. All, Aeronautic, Camera Lenses, Cameras, Pan/Tilt, Digital CCD, Flexible Fiberscopes, Rigid Borescopes, — More …
NDT XRay (RT) Radiographic (X-Ray) Testing (RT)
Uses X-Ray or Gamma Rays to penetrate a material & record on film any discontinuities.All, Accessories, Systems, Equipment, Film, Sources
NDT Metallurgical (MT) Metallurgical Testing (MT)
Refers to the examination and study of metals and alloys. See our line of hardness testers, surface preparation, finish & control measurement products. All, Guages, Portable, Testers
NDT Film and Chemistry (RT) Film & Chemistry (RT)
If you need X-ray equipment, enclosures, systems, film, chemistry for processing, accessories, training, or contract testing services. All, Agfa Film, Newco Film, Film Processors
NDT Security Equipment Security
Focused on corporate locations in the Pee Dee Region. Ask about our CCTV Security Services, Card Access, Voice Warning Systems & Locksmith Services. All, Cameras, Lights, Metal Detectors, X-Ray
NDT Used and Rental Equipment Used & Rental Equipment
Have a limited budget & immediate need? Includes visual products, infrared cameras, penetrant systems & more. Visit often as stock and availability changes daily. All, Eddy Current, Infrared, Magnetic Particle, Metallurgical, Penetrant, Ultrasonic, Visual, X-Ray
NewSonic Ultrasonic Flaw Detector