5 Benefits of Eddy Current Array Testing

Save time and money with eddy current array testing.

When you compare the different disciplines of nondestructive testing (NDT), each comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and one approach will never work for all situations. It is up to NDT professionals to consider the item to be tested and the environment (indoors/outdoors, size of  testing space, weather) to determine the best method for assessing anomalies.

However, in situations where multiple NDT disciplines may be used for evaluation, eddy current array (ECA) offers several significant advantages in the areas of efficiency and productivity.

Here are five major benefits of using ECA over other modalities:

  1. Time – Testing methods such as magnetic particle inspection (MPI) and liquid/dye penetrant inspection can require a lot of time to perform the test, from preparation through clean up. On the other hand, eddy current array (ECA) typically only requires a single pass of the probe to acquire the needed data.
  2. Preparation – Unlike MPI and liquid penetrant testing that often require stripping of outer coatings, thorough cleaning before and after testing, and use of chemicals, ECA requires minimal preparation to operate and identify surface and subsurface defects.
  3. Accuracy – The ECA coordinates multiple coil arrays set in longitudinal, transverse, or off-axis orientations to collect a lot of information with a single scan for greater accuracy and efficiency.
  4. Portability – Compared with some other NDT equipment, eddy current devices are highly portable, making it convenient for transport to onsite locations.
  5. Clean – ECA does not use chemicals for cleaning or testing, making it ideal for confined spaces and environmentally conscious companies.

While ECA requires skilled technicians to interpret results, and can be pricey compared to to other approaches, many companies find the decreased down time for testing and the quality of the data to be well worth the investment.  If you are interested in learning more about ECA, contact Newco Inc. at 1-800-545-9729 to speak with a representative.

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