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9447380 DIGITAL SCREEN CLEANER (box of 4 bottles),
(DANGEROUS GOODS will be shipped separately!)
104-400-047 CR Accessories: Screen Cloths (for cleaning Ips)
104-400-041 CLEANING SHEETS,14″ (sticky sheet for cleaning drum scanners)
9465481 Duplex wire IQI 1D- 15D
9508261 CR-Phantom, two Duplex Wire Type IQI   15D
per EN 14784-1, ASTM E2445. In wooden case
inkl. Test Certificate, Declaration of Conformity, Short Instructions
6801481 CR QUALITY ASSURANCE KIT, phantom 15D and calibration cassette (with MD40) included
9465910 EPRI Film (for calibration of FS50B)
6800180 Flight Case: FS50B
104-400-338 Flight Case: CRx25P
6801590 Flight Case: CRxVision
6801630 Flight Case: CRxFlex (2nd Version)