Echo Ultrasonics – Echo700 Series

Echo Ultrasonics – Echo700 Series


Container Size Part Number
4 oz Metal Tube Echo700-04
1 gallon Pail Echo700-1
4 oz Metal Tube Echo760-04
1 gallon Pail Echo760-1
4 oz Metal Tube Echo775-04
1 gallon Pail Echo775-1
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Product Description

Echo700 is a high-viscosity, stay-in-place paste couplant for high-temperature thickness gaging and corrosion testing. The high viscosity adheres well to the transducer and won’t drip from overhead applications.

Product Specifications

Operating Range: 600° to 700°F (316° to 371°C)

Auto-ignition Temperature: 770°F (410°C)


Echo700 and Echo760 contain a polymer which melts (and begins to smoke) at 600°F (316°C), the polymer in Echo775 melts at 700°F (371°C)

If you are testing below 775°F, HiTempco is the ideal broad temperature couplant with an operating range of -50° to 775°F.

If you are testing above 775°F, EchoTherm and EchoTherm Extreme are the only couplants with operating ranges up to 1000°F and 1250°F respectively.

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