Echo Ultrasonics Forever Wedge

Echo Ultrasonics Forever Wedge


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Fluid, Very High 2 oz / 59 ml bottle FW-02

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Product Description

Forever Wedge Couplant is a high viscosity fluid for phased array and angle beam wedge attachment and for coupling delay lines. It won’t dry, run, leach, or dissolve with water or couplant. If applied properly, it will stay in place until you decide to remove the wedge*. It is not an adhesive and will not bond to the wedge.

Eliminates the need to replace wedge couplant during inspections and prevents the unintentional change of test parameters due to partial wedge-to-transducer failure.

Eliminates element drop out from failed wedge-to-transducer coupling. Often lasts for the life of the probe or wedge without hardening or evaporating and yet is easily removed.

Couplant is impervious to water, heat, light, and is non-toxic.


*Before applying, thoroughly clean both the transducer and the wedge, then apply couplant to the wedge and transducer before mating the surfaces together to avoid trapping air bubbles.

Product Specifications

Operating Range: -50° to 700°F (-45° to 371°C)

Auto-ignition Temperature:  850°F (454°C)

Sound Velocity:  4900 ft/second (1494m/sec)

Viscosity: 5,000 cST

Additional information
Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 4 in

SX1, SX5, SX-7, SX-55