Echo Ultrasonics Glycerin

Echo Ultrasonics Glycerin


Container Size Part Number
16 oz / 473 ml bottle GLY-16
Carton of (12) 4 oz / 118 ml bottles GLY-4CTN
1 Gallon / 3.8 liter rigid container GLY-1
5 Gallon / 18.9 liter rigid container GLY-5
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Product Description

Glycerin can be used as a general purpose couplant. The viscosity and acoustic impedance are desirable for rouge surfaces and highly attenuating materials. Glycerin has an acoustic impedance of 2.42 x 10^5 gm-cm^2 /sec. Glycerin is also suitable for use in high frequency delay line inspections, high frequency delay line thickness gaging and contact transducer testing on reference standards.

Echo Ultrasonics is approved by GE as a supplier of Glycerol batch #205 for the inspection of CFM56-7B engine fan blades in accordance with SB72-1033. Available in 16 oz / 500 ml bottles. Packaged from USP Glycerin, 99+%. Medium viscosity fluid, will not harden on equipment, and compatible with plastics. Non-toxic, non-irritating. Contains no heavy metals, harsh surfactants, glycol ethers, nitrites, silicones, dyes or fragrances.

Product Specifications

Operating Range: 65° to 500°F (18° to 260°C)

Boiling Point: 555°F (290°C)

Freezing Point: 64°F (18°C)

Total Halogens: Less than 50 ppm

Sulfur: Less than 50 ppm


Glycerin can be corrosive to carbon steel and aluminum and can reduce the sensitivity of subsequent dye and fluorescent penetrant inspections.


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GLY-16, GLY-4CTN, GLY-1, GLY-5