Echo Ultrasonics HiTempco

Echo Ultrasonics HiTempco


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2 oz tube HT-02
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Product Description

Introduced in the mid 1970s by Krautkramer Branson and sold by GE Inspection Technologies, HiTempco has been the standard of performance in silicone based ultrasonic couplant for decades.

With a broad temperature range of -50° to 775°F (-45° to 412°C), its applications range from high temperature thickness gaging and flaw detection to ambient and low temperature coupling where no corrosion, broad material compatibility, long service life and low toxicity are considerations. Very high viscosity, minimal residue, non-drying, long-term corrosion inhibition, non-toxic, and non-irritating. Low environmental impact, contains no perfluorocarbons, and peanut or tree nut oils.


Instantaneous ultrasonic response (does not contain plastic powders which delay ultrasonic conduction and result in difficult-to-remove residues). Excellent corrosion inhibitor. Provides non-toxic, long-term corrosion inhibition for steel and cast iron and is compatible with other metals and most plastics. HiTempco may be left in place unless it will interfere with subsequent manufacturing operations such as painting or electroplating.


Note: In confined spaces and inspection ports the temperature can be approximately 150°F higher than on exposed pipe.

Removal: Wipe with paper or cloth rag.

Product Specifications

Operating Range: -50° to 775°F (-45° to 412°C)

Viscosity: ~40,000 cps. Brookfield

Flash-Point: Cleveland Open Cup 649°F (343°C)

Auto-ignition Temperature: 820°F (437°C)

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HT-02, HT-04, HT-25, HT-1GA