Echo Ultrasonics Echo Z+

Echo Ultrasonics Echo Z+


Viscosity Container Size Part Number
Fluid 4 oz / 118 ml bottle F-04
Medium 4 oz / 118 ml bottle MV-04
High 4 oz / 118 ml bottle HV-04
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Product Description

Echo Z+ is a high acoustic-impedance ultrasonic couplant. It increases acoustic impedance and decreases surface noise, making it ideal for very rough, pitted, corroded surfaces or tight-curved test objects, and concrete.

Product Specifications

Operating Range: 0° to 200°F (-18° to 93°C)

Chemical Profile:

Contains no VOCs, NAPTHA, oil, hydrocarbons, silicones, petroleum distillates, dyes or fragrance.

Corrosion Characteristics:

Contains a short term ferrous corrosion inhibitor. Echo Z+ contains glycerin and is intended to be removed from non-ferrous metal parts after inspection. Corrosion testing advised for aluminum-magnesium aircraft parts.


Removal: Water-soluble. Wipe with wet or dry cloth or water wash.

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F-04, MV-04, HV-04