Fluorescence Photographcy System – Model FPS-1

Fluorescence Photographcy System – Model FPS-1

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The FPS-1 Fluorescence Photography System is a turnkey camera/flash combination preconfigured for completely portable, easy-to-operate photography of fluorescent indications of the type found in NDT – fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle – and other applications. The system enables you to take fluorescence photographs anywhere – in the booth, on the shop floor, and even outdoors – with no set-up time and minimal need for darkness. Use it for documentation, reports, presentations, or whatever your need might be. Everything you need is included, so you can start with nothing – no photo equipment and even no photo experience – and be downloading high quality images from the camera to your computer in just minutes.

The system includes everything you need:

  • High resolution digital camera
  • Three different camera filters for versatile performance with blue or ultraviolet light
  • Electronic flash with custom filter
  • Flash bracket with flexible arm
  • Custom BlueLine fluorescence photography manual
  • Off-camera hot shoe adapter for flash
  • Mini tripod for time exposures with ultraviolet light
  • SD memory card
  • USB SD card reader for easy picture transfers
  • Interface cables for direct connection to computer
  • Spare batteries for camera and flash
  • Battery chargers for camera and flash batteries
  • Lens cap
  • Rugged foam-lined shipping/storage case


Note – Due to the ever-changing availability of specific models of camera, electronic flash, and other accessories, the exact items included in the FPS-1 Fluorescence Photography System will change with time. BlueLine will always keep the system up-to-date with components that deliver the necessary performance.

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Weight 320 oz
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