X-RiS GemX-160 and GemX-200

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X-RiS GemX-160 and GemX-200

GemX-160 and GemX-200 are battery-powered, wireless controlled, portable constant potential X-ray monoblocs. They can operate from 20 to 160 kV (resp. 50 to 200 kV). Each LiPo battery pack can deliver up to 200,000 kV.mA.s of radiation (eg. 20 minutes at 160 kV – 1 mA). The oil insulation offers a duty cycle of 2 hours of continuous X-ray per day. The focal spot of 0.7 x 0.8 mm (EN 12543 ; 0.5 mm IEC 336) offers the best image quality. In combination with a CR or a DR, they can be used for the inspection of steel up to 40 mm thick. GemX-160 and GemX-200 are unique and up-to-date solutions for digital radiography in NDT.
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GemX-160 4 NDT HD
GemX-200 4 NDT