IBG eddyvisor C

IBG eddyvisor C

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eddyvisor® C – Crack and Pore Detection

The new standard for production and laboratory:

New technology revolutionizes crack detection

  • Calibration with good parts only, highest test reliability for unknown defects (traditional calibration with master parts is also possible)
  • Automatic generation of tolerance fields in all filter frequencies at the same time Preventive Multi-Filter Test
  • Two crack test channels in basic version (up to 16 channels as option)
  • Lift-off compensation integrated in basic instrument
  • Three dimensional graphic of crack-tested surface (C-scan)
  • Maximum test stability due to digital signal processing (DSP)
  • 15″ color touch screen for easy operation with several graphic display options for interpretation
  • USB 2.0 and Ethernet interfaces for easy data transfer to PC and printer; remote control, data storage to USB stick
  • Desktop version (DC) and the new two part switch panel version (C)
  • Structure test and crack detection as combined
  • instrument available: eddyvisor® SC

The eddy current test instrument eddyvisor® C is designed to detect surface-open and close to surface subsurface defects like cracks and pores on conductive test parts.

eddyvisor® C operates according to the fast and clean eddy current method and is specially designed for testing of components in a production environment. The instrument is capable of detecting surface cracks with a depth of only 0.05 mm on plane or rotation-symmetrical parts with surface speeds up to 50m/sec scan speed.

The path from calibration of eddyvisor® C to test mode is short and simple. lt is operated via a bright 15″ color touch screen with ergonomically designed user interface. Advanced electronics enable a hitherto unachievable level of function. The eddyvisor® C is available in different versions. The basic version has two crack test channels (resp. one crack test channel with lift-off compensation). Up to 16 channels may be provided.

Preventive Multi-Filter Technology of Crack Detection:

One or several OK parts are required for calibration of the eddyvisor® C. In calibration mode, the crack detection probe is moved over the area to be tested on the OK part. Signals generated by the surface finish are taken over a large number of band pass filter settings and are displayed within individual tolerance fields for each band pass filter.

In test mode, all parts with signals exceeding the tolerance fields are sorted out as “NOK”. This guarantees detection of unexpected flaws as well as the specified flaws. The manual and time consuming setting to a complex defect is avoided. Setting is also possible by semi-skilled personnel. Traditional set up using a master crack can also be used.

Each crack test channel is independent. The test results of each channel are processed and displayed by the integrated PC. A variety of graphic display options of the test results are available, including bargraph, tolerance field, xy- x(t)- and y(t)-view or C-scan.

The test result per channel is “good” or “bad”. Historical test results can also be displayed as a histogram.

Lift-off Compensation:

The crack test instrument eddyvisor® C has lift-off compensation. Special probes are needed. One lift-off probe requires two crack test channels. Lift-off compensation electronically balances changes of crack sensitivity which occur due to eccentricity or mechanical tolerances.

Data Security:

The eddyvisor® C can internally store up to 50 part types with the relating settings, which can be recalled manually or by PLC. All internally stored data may be transferred to a PC or stored on a USB-stick.

Documentation and Data Transfer:

The eddyvisor® C is equipped with three USB 2.0 interfaces (two of them on front) as well as one Ethernet interface. A standard printer (USB) can be used for printing the test result.

Opto-Isolated Interface:

An opto-isolated PLC interface with 64 (option 128) inputs and outputs is available to control automatic test systems.


Proven ibg standard and customized probes are available for all applications.

Case Options:

The eddyvisor® C is available as desktop version eddyvisor® DC (Desktop, Crack test) or as divided version as eddyvisor® C (Crack test) consisting of the operating unit eddyvisor® HMl (Human Machine Interface) and the measuring unit eddyvisor® MC.

The eddyvisor® C (Crack test) may be combined with the structure test instrument eddyvisor’S to eddyvisor® SC. Thus crack detection and structure test are realized in one instrument simplifying integration in automatic test systems.