IBG eddyvisor S

IBG eddyvisor S

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eddyvisor® S – Structure Test

Preventive Multi-Frequency Test with Harmonic Analysis using State-of-the-Art µP-Technology

  • Only OK parts required for calibration
  • Proven Preventive Multi-Frequency Testing with 8 test frequencies at each test location
  • 32 test locations (each with 8 tolerance fields) enable maximum flexibility
  • Basic instrument includes 2 coil channels (up to 32 as an option)
  • Maximum stability of results due to automatic calibration
  • Highest test reliability due to PMFT and automatic calibration
  • High-speed testing within milliseconds
  • 15” touch screen for easy and clear operation, with many useful graphic options
  • USB2.0 and Ethernet interfaces for easy data transfer to PC and printer and remote control, data storage to USB stick
  • Programmable access levels for different responsibility levels
  • Desktop version (DS) and the new two-part switch panel version (MS)

The eddy current test instrument eddyvisor® S is designed for testing material mix, heat treatment (hardness, case depth, temper, etc.), sinter density and structure differences.

eddyvisor® S is specifically designed for versatility in production lines or laboratory use and its principle of operation is based on ibg’s Preventive Multi-Frequency Testing (PMFT). Thus it provides a far greater degree of reliability than single frequency eddy current instruments.

The path from calibration of eddyvisor® S to start of testing is very short and simple. The instrument is operated via a bright 15″ touch screen with ergonomically-designed input format. Modem electronics enable extremely short calculation and load time, i.e., microseconds.

eddyvisor® S is available in two different versions and the basic model includes two independent test channels. Up to 32 test locations may be stored. Models with up to 16 or up to 32 test channels are available.

The Preventive Multi-Frequency Method:

Only OK part are required for calibrating eddyvisor®S. During calibration known reference parts are tested over a broad frequency band (1:1000 up to 1:3000) with up to 8 frequencies. Subsequently a typical material locus curve develops. Like a fingerprint, it reflects the different characteristics of material such as alloy, structure from heat treatment and allowable scattering of the known OK parts.

Due to very easy operation eddyvisor® S can quickly be brought into test mode. Testing is also carried out with 8 frequencies. OK decisions are only reached if all and every criteria of the test part correspond to the known data. Thus unexpected deviations are recognized and sorted out. Test reliability is significantly higher compared with single-frequency testing.

After each test the measured values are statistically updated with numerical and percentage information. Furthermore the latest 300 test results are displayed as histogram and up to 500 are stored.

Harmonic Analysis:

In addition to the eight fundamental test frequencies, two harmonics (2nd to 9th harmonic selectable) for each test frequency can be turned on and simultaneously evaluated without increasing the test time.

Data Security:

Up to 16 possible frequency band combinations may be selected for calibration and testing with eddyvisor® S. In addition, up to 200 test part types may be internally stored and quickly called by means of PLC or stored on an USB stick.

Documentation and Data Transfer:

For documentation and data transfer, eddyvisor® S is equipped with 3 USB 2.0 interfaces (2 of them on front side) as well as an Ethernet interface. An external printer may be connected (Centronics or USB) for hard copies of test results.

Opto-Isolated Interface:

An opto-isolated interface with 64 (option max. 128) in-and outputs is available for connection of a PLC to control automatic systems.

Coils and Probes:

Proven ibg standard and customized encircling coils and probes are provided for all applications (refer to separate data sheet).

Case Options:

The eddyvisor® S is available as desktop version named eddyvisor® DS or as divided rack mount housing including the operating unit eddyvisor® HMI (Human Machine Interface) and the measuring unit eddyvisor® MS

Eddy Current Instruments/Equipment
Test method Preventing Multi-Frequency Testing with max. 8 test frequencies at up to 32 test locations.
Coil channels 2, option up to 32 channels
Test frequency range 5 Hz – 300 kHz, adjustable for each test location
Test time 8 ms/frequency (min.)
Micro processor several high-performance processors for maximum test speed.
Mains voltage 90…264 V AC, 47…63 Hz
Power requirement 120 VA
Dimensions eddyvisor® DS w 410mm x h 308mm x d 271mm
eddyvisor® HMI w 410mm x h 308mm x d 96mm
eddyvisor® MS w 410mm x h 308mm x d 175mm
wxhxd 483 mm x 190 mm x 370 mm
Weight 13 kg
(Subject to technical changes without prior notice)
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