IBG Grinder Burn Detection

IBG Grinder Burn Detection

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Grinder Burn Detection using Eddy Current and Preventive Multi-Filter Technology (PMFT)

ibg’s revolutionary new technology for eddy current crack detection, “Preventive Multi-Filter Testing” (PMFT), enables the ibg eddyliner C and eddyvisor C eddy current crack test instruments that utilize the PMFT to robustly detect grinder burn/grinder damage.  Detection starts at the level of reduction in compressive stress, continues to include thermal softening and re-hardening (reappearance of austenite & martensite), to appearance of residual tensile stress and on to cracking and pitting.  The testing is robust and stable enough for reliable use for 100% testing in production lines as well as for audit testing.  The methodology to implement it is the same as for implementation of traditional eddy current crack detection.

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