Splitter 2X & 4X Systems

Splitter 2X & 4X Systems

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Penetrant Waste Water Filtration Systems

The Splitter Series is the ideal liquid penetrant inspection station for the low to medium volume user.

The Splitter series of membrane filtration machines are designed to run virtually on their own with a programmable logic controller that monitors and records a variety of
factors including; pressure, temperature, time and maintenance.

The new Splitter series of filtration systems is now available in two configurations, the 2X and 4X. These systems are capable of handling a nominal volume of 200 gallons per day and 400 gallons per day of waste water, respectively.


  • Dye Penetrant rinses from nondestructive testing
  • Aqueous (water-based) cleaners from parts washers, floor cleaning, equipment washdown, etc.
  • Machine coolants and water-soluble cutting oils
  • Air Compressor condensate
  • Water-based Ink washes from printing
  • Oil-Water emulsions
  • Many other aqueous wastes


Splitter™ Series Filtration Specifications
Splitter™ 2X
Splitter™ 4X
Number of Membranes
Nominal Capacity with Nano Membranes
200 Gallons per 24 hours
400 Gallons per 24 hours
Dimensions H x W x D in. (cm)
45″ x 28″ x 22″ (115 x 70 x 55 cm)
Weight lbs. (kg.)
185 lbs (84 kg)
205 lbs (93 kg)
“Nano (232)”: 100-250 Da
“Ultra (444)”: 400kDa
Other Custom Pore Sizes: Contact Factory
Powder Coated Steel
Installation Requirements
120V, 15 Amp Power
Flat, Level Ground
 Access to Clean Water
Features and Accessories
Siemens PLC and HMI: Intuitive Controls, Digital Sensor Readout, Logging.
Preventative and Routine Maintenance Reminders.
Heavy Duty, Lockable Caster Wheels.
Corrosion Resistant Fittings.
Removable Back and Side Panels for Easier Maintenance.
Integrated Spill Bin with Drain Valve.
Standardized 4-20mA Sensors.
1 HP TEFC Pump with Sil Carb / Sil Carb Seal.