Zibra Corp MilliscopeHD

Zibra Corp MilliscopeHD

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Very High Resolution Small Diameter Fiberscope

Product Description

The Milliscope HD system provides users with a modular, versatile scope platform that delivers very high resolution, small diameter fiberscope and videoscope images via HDMI video output.  The Milliscope HD base unit is the foundation of the system and provides a host of features which can be utilized by both the HDF fiberscope and HDV CMOS videoscope products.  Scope image viewing, recording, image size adjustment, image focusing and LED lighting are all integrated into a single, easy to operate inspection system with no computer interface necessary.


  • Uses easily removable & interchangeable Milliscope HDF fiberscopes
  • Scope Diameters: 0.35mm – 3.1mm ∅
  • Scope Shaft Lengths: 61mm – 10,000 mm+
  • View Directions: Ranging from 0° to 110° (product specific)
  • Fiberscope Camera Handle accepts all HDF flexible & semi-rigid scopes
  • w/ Integrated 3:1 optical zoom for ideal image view sizing
  • w/ Integrated, adjustable LED scope illumination system
  • w/ Integrated push button image & video recording to USB storage drive
  • Base Unit accepts Fiberscope Camera Handle & all HDV videoscopes
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