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The DMS Go+ Series offers comprehensive, handheld solutions to thickness measurement, data recording and data management in a wide range of applications and environments. From simple A-scan verification to B-scan to full Data Recording capabilities, one of the DMS Go+ instruments will meet your corrosion thickness application needs.

Choose from three models to match your specific application:

DMS Go+ Basic:

Simple to use, A-scan verification, rugged and reliable, IP67 sealing

Compatible with high quality D-Meter dualelement probes to handle a wide range of corrosion thickness applications.

DMS Go+:

B-scan (timed) for cross-sectional view

Compatible with single element probes for precision thickness measurement and temperature compensated readings.

DMS Go+ Advanced:

6 data recording file structures plus 3D & 4D via UltraMATE

TopCoat/Auto-V measurement capabilities to eliminate removal of many coatings.


All models feature intuitive, easy-to-use arrow-keypad control, powerful data management and the latest industrial electronics to provide accurate, reliable and comprehensive thickness inspection data.

The DMS Go+ Series of A-scan thickness gauges are easily upgradeable to add the additional features and capabilities of the 3 models, and the comprehensive USM Go+ flaw detector capabilities to form a powerful and flexible NDT inspection tool.