Industrial Radiography is the process of exposing photosensitive film and panels to x-ray or gamma radiation for the purpose of discovering internal flaws. A wide range of parts and consumer goods may be tested using radiographic imaging, from weld inspections to casting rims, and in industries ranging from coffee to aerospace. With the discovery of ionizing radiation in the late 19th century, x-ray and gamma radiography soon became widespread throughout the world as an effective form of flaw detection.

After being X-rayed, radiographic film needs to be processed before examining the film results. Depending on the place, situation and application, processing of the industrial X-rays films is carried out by manual or automatic processing. GE Measurement & Control provides the full STRUCTURIX Film Systems product line. Thus, complete solutions are available to choose the best way of processing your films in combination with STRUCTURIX chemicals and equipment. All are perfectly suited to one another.