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The FPI process is a non-destructive test method (NDT) that involves applying either a post emulsifiable (PE) or water washable (WW) fluorescent dye to a non-porous material surface to detect defects. It is attractive in several industries due to its simplicity and relative low cost. However, due to Process Control and Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) concerns, there are hidden costs that can thankfully now be addressed; and they can all be found in the contaminated FPI process rinse water, which must be cleaned before reuse and pretreated if discharged.

Newco, Inc. is partnering with AQUASGROUP® to meet your wastewater treatment needs. AQUASGROUP® has solved the FPI rinse water problem with a compact, rugged and reliable solution that continuously re-circulates and re-purifies rinse water as it is used in both Post Emulsifiable (PE) and Water Washable (WW) FPI processes.

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