Model XR150 Portable X-ray Generator by Golden Engineering

Model XR150 Portable X-ray Generator by Golden Engineering

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The XR150 X-ray generator is a 150kV, battery powered, pulsed X-ray generator used primarily for security applications.  Golden Engineering introduced the XR150 in 1993 for applications requiring extreme portability.  The XR150 design has been modified three times since its inception with the most significant modification occurring in 2016.  The updated design greatly enhances the user interface capabilities and adds a commercially available DeWalt® battery pack while maintaining the traditional compact size and robust penetrating ability that has always made the XR150 unique.

The 2016 redesign reduces the weight of the X-ray generator by 20% and the weight of the kit including a carrying case by 32%.  The XR150 is now 35% smaller than its predecessor.  The sleeker design makes is easier to slip the XR150 into pockets.  Multiple connection points allow operators to use various fasteners to attach the XR150 to belts, zippers, or packs.  Despite the reduced size and weight, Golden Engineering has increased the output dose by an average of 25%.

The menu based electronics allow operators to enter up to 999 counts in multiple pulse trains.  Operators may also slow the pulse rate and even pulse the generator continuously at a slower rate.  A life time pulse counter displays the total number of pulses fired on the generator and a resettable pulse counter can track the number of pulses from a certain event.  The XR150 can fire approximately 2000 counts per battery charge on a DeWalt® 12V lithium Ion battery that charges in 40 minutes.