Model XR200 Portable X-ray Generator by Golden Engineering

Model XR200 Portable X-ray Generator by Golden Engineering

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The XR200 is a 150 kV, battery powered, pulsed X-ray generator used in security and light industrial applications.  Golden Engineering introduced the XR200 in 1997 as the replacement of THE INSPECTOR X-ray Model 200.

Sharing the same electronics, housing design and battery pack as the XRS3 generator enhances the versatility of both models.  A field replaceable tube and modular concept make the XR200 easy to service and maintain.  The robust single package design withstands the extreme environments that field portable X-ray generators commonly encounter. The generator is powered by a DeWalt® battery pack available worldwide. A pulse rate of 25 pulses per second makes it the fastest of all Golden Engineering models.

A combination of longevity and serviceability has made the XR200 Golden Engineering’s top selling model.