Phoenix Xcube Series

Phoenix Xcube Series

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Both the Phoenix X|cube Compact and the Phoenix X|cube XL ensure fast, easy and effective non-destructive testing (NDT) that will take your inspections to the next level. With a new easy-to-use design, highly dynamic detectors that display the finest contrast images and optional 3D Computed Tomography capabilities, you can detect hidden defects early-on and make important production decisions faster than ever.

The X|cube system extends beyond 2D X-ray inspection with a full computed tomography (CT) option. CT enables this versatile system to perform 3D analysis and process control with volume data from virtual, non-destructive slicing of parts in instances when traditional 2D radioscopy is unable to provide clear results.

Key features & benefits
• Easy to set up and use
• Allowing you to improve detection and classification
• Feature detailed 3D inspections, e.g. quantitative porosity analysis, measure internal wall thickness
• Reduce rejection rates and increase the accuracy of failure detection – right on the production floor