STRUCTURIX NDT S-i Industrial Film Processor

STRUCTURIX NDT S-i Industrial Film Processor

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The AGFA Structurix NDT S-I is a leading-edge processor that brings speed, operational flexibility, money-saving innovations, and environmentally friendly design together in a single package. Thanks to a design that features two successive fixing tanks that are replenished on the counter flow principle, the Structurix NDT S-I significantly reduces the silver residue present in the waste water. The exposed film is first developed in the developer tank and then is rinsed in the intermediate-washing tank.

Intermediate washing ensures that little of the developer solution carries into the fixing tanks, this keeping the ‘fixer bath’ in optimum condition. At the same time, the intermediate washing process helps to prevent faults from occurring on the film being developed. The operating method of the Cascade Fixing System is simple but effective. The film is then 100 percent fixed in the first fixer tank and rinsed in the second fixer tank. With fixer replenishment being executed in the second fixer tank, the concentration of silver in that tank stays low. As the silver carryover into the water tank is minimal, waste water from the Structurix NDT S-I processor readily complies with stringent standards for silver content.

Industrial X-Ray Film Processors

Depending on the place, situation and application, processing of the industrial X-rays films is carried out manually or automatically. Complete solutions are available to choose the best way of processing your films in combination with STRUCTURIX chemicals and equipment, all perfectly suited to one another. GE provides a complete range of STRUCTURIX processors, from a versatile tabletop model to a highly sophisticated one and from low to high capacity – all designed to ensure high-quality results.

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