UniWest Eddyview Premium Plus Eddy Current Tester Kit

UniWest Eddyview Premium Plus Eddy Current Tester Kit

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Features Include:

• Quad frequency capability
• Waterfall display for bolt hole imaging
• Encoder support
• Auto name capability
• Both HP and Epson printer support
• Special software packages for multiplexing capability (optional)
• USB flash drive support

Product Data Sheet

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A Premium eddy current instrument designed for special multi-frequency applications and system integration capability.
For the most demanding eddy current testing applications, the EddyView Premium offers unmatched flaw detection and four frequency inspection capability. Designed for premium high end inspections, the Premium can be easily integrated into turnkey systems. Encoder support in addition to built-in strip chart recording capability allow for imaging software interface and ability to store permanent records. The Premium is the right choice for demanding special application inspections in production, but can also be used as a general purpose eddy current instrument for laboratory and in the field.