Verlux 550 Film Illuminators

Verlux 550 Film Illuminators

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Verlux 550 has same intensity but uses green LEDs. This makes the radiographs easier to view.


About Green Light:

Verlux 550 uses LEDs with a narrow wavelength of 550nm which is the maximum sensitivity of the human eye; so when comparing equal intensity of green and white light, the green appears brighter. this makes the radiographs easier to view.


Light Intensity:

MAX. Luminance: >100,000 Cd/m2

Density: >4.0 Density

Uniformity: 0.95

AND no warm up time


Aluminum / Plastic Case

Adjustable Support Handle

Foot Switch & Dimmer Control

POWER: 85-264VAC 47~63Hz (full range)

Power Consumption 120W



LOW HEAT: – will not damage films

LOW POWER – energy saving

COMPACT – small & lightweight

SAFE – sealed and insulated

MODERN DESIGN – stylish & simple



Length 390mm (15.3″)

Width 180mm (7.1″)

Height 50mm (1.9″)

Weight 3kg (6.6Ib)



Length 200mm (8″)

Width 80mm (3 1/8″)


The illuminators meet the requirements of EN25580: 1992; ASTM E 1390-90 and ISO 5580: 1995. They are CE Marked.