Magnaflux Daraclean 283

Magnaflux Daraclean 283


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55 Gallon 01-6060-45

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Daraclean® 283 is a low-foaming, powerful alkaline cleaning solution formulated for use on a broad spectrum of soils, composed of surfactants, emulsifiers, and corrosion inhibitors. It is safe to use on most metals and is non-aggressive towards titanium alloys.

Daraclean 283 has excellent soil rejecting properties that remove soils, then allow solids to settle and lighter grease droplets to float. The solution can be filtered and skimmed to extend its life much further than emulsion-type cleaners.

Daraclean 283 is designed for immersion, spray and ultrasonic applications, in concentrations up to 25 percent. It is tested and certified to meet or exceed aerospace specifications for aqueous alkaline cleaners. High alkaline chemistry is aggressive on soils, and low foam levels can be used in spray applications. Daraclean 283 contains no phosphates and is highly tolerant of hard water, and its inhibitors prevent corrosion on metals.

Daraclean 283 is specifically designed for carbon steel, cast iron, nickel and superalloys, stainless steel and titanium, and it also works well on brass and bronze, copper, plated metals, and can be used on aluminum. It is effective on water soluble oils, machining fluid, synthetic coolants, and medium and heavy weight oils, lube oils, buffing compounds. It will also work on carbonized soils. Daraclean 283 comes in 55-gallon containers.

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Weight 8224 oz
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 37 in