Film Processor – Film Feeder & Flip-Top Magazine

Film Processor – Film Feeder & Flip-Top Magazine

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Film Feeder 3677A
Flip-Top Magazine 3679E

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Compact and time saving, the STRUCTURIX FEEDER converts the processors S ECO and U into a unique and practical daylight system. With the STRUCTURIX FEEDER you can save time and expense in the darkroom. At the press of a button you can feed up to 240 films an hour automatically.

The STRUCTURIX FEEDER acts as a perfect miniature darkroom, so that all further activities can take place in daylight, while automatically feeding film into the processor.

When the feeder is switch to “on”, it carries out a self-diagnosis. While in operation, built-in electronic checking functions guarantee high reliability. In this way, for example, a double film is detected, returned and fed in again separately, without intervention from the user.


The FLIP-TOP magazine is best for high-volume processing of the same film size. Films from 6 x 18 cm to 43 x 48 cm can be loaded without removing the FLIP-TOP magazine. This avoids repeated manipulation of the magazine, prevents wear and tear of the equipment and simplifies the operator’s job.