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New 75 micron high resolution detector

-IGZO* TFT Detector

-75µ pixel pitch (6,66lp/mm) High Resolution

-16 bit grayscale, full 60k greylevels available

-GOS** scintillator, fast imaging

-Detector size: 210 x 260mm (8 x 10″)

-Imaging area: 168 x 225mm (7 x 9″)

-Imaging pixels: 2240 x 3008

-Active area from edges: 40mm (1.6″ – bottom), 28mm (1.1″ – left)

*Indium gallium zincoxide, a more recentsemiconducting material.

Having 20-50 times the electron mobility of amorphous silicon.

**GOS, Gadolinium Oxysulfide or GadOx


-Communication: wired (tether) or wireless (802.11 n/ac – up to 100m / 330ft)

-Power supply: wired with SCU wireless with battery (2 ex., hot swappable)

-Operating time: (on battery) up to 8hrs (imaging – 9hrs (stand by)

-Unique internal shielding: protecting electronics, improving dda lifetime

-Weight (incl. armor case): 4.4kgs (11lbs)

-IP Marking: IP65 and IP67


-Compliance: DICONDE compliant, ISO, ASTM, ASME, JIS, KS. Bad Pixel Map and Spatial Resolution Measurement conforms to ASTM E2597

-Radiation hardness: lk Gy (absorbed dose), maximizing dda lifetime – USP!

DDA sold only inside the armor case:
orange anodised Alu with rubber corners.
extra side shielding for scattered X-Rays.
dedicated holes for straps /bands.
and shoulderstrap