Magnaflux ZL-37

Magnaflux ZL-37


Container Size & Part Number

Container SizePart Number

Aerosol 01-3188-78
5 Gallon 01-3188-40
20 Gallon 01-3188-30

Product Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet


Features (ZL-37)
Level 4 ultra-high sensitivity
Post emulsifiable
Bright, high-contrast indications
Resists over-washing or over-removal
High flash point
Wide range of application methods
Low odor
Very low toxicity
Alloy compatibility
Very high thermal resistance
Very high UV stability
High dye content
QPL SAE AMS 2644 Qualified Product List
Approved for use by Pratt & Whitney

Level 4 Post Emulsifiable Fluorescent Penetrant
Essential for critical component applications, ultra-high sensitivity ZL-37 post-emulsifiable penetrant is designed for detecting fine, tight discontinuities in safety-critical components, such as titanium turbine components, and in high-stress parts, such as investment castings.
This Type 1 penetrant is non-water-soluble so there is minimal risk of washing ZL-37 penetrant from a fine or shallow defect which makes this penetrant inspection the most reliable, dependable form of PT testing. ZL-37 has a high flash point and provides long tank life when used in open dip tanks, but this penetrant can also be applied in a variety of other ways, including electrostatic spray.
ZL-37 can be removed with ZE-4E Method B lipophilic emulsifier or ZR-10E Method D hydrophilic emulsifier.
ZL-37 is listed on the QPL SAE AMS 2644 Qualified Product List and is approved for use by Pratt & Whitney.

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